Drone Film and Photography

We love gorgeous drone footage, right? Here’s the gear and skills we use to get the best drone shots possible.

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  • TV projects 18% 18%
  • Direct with businesses / organisations 59% 59%
  • via marketing agencies 23% 23%

Our Filming Capabilities

4K & HD cameras capable of shooting at up to 120fps for standard, or slow motion footage.

DJI X5S camera – The best drone camera in the world. Unrivalled quality, RAW, ProRes, or H.264 MP4.

Choice of lens focal length we can shoot at full frame equivalent of 15mm, 24mm, 30mm, 50mm and 90mm.

Indoor flight possible due to advanced proximity sensors – now we can fly super smooth aerials indoors.

3 axis stabilisation DJI’s stabilisation technology is amazing – rock steady shots, even in windy conditions.

Night time Permission. Special CAA permissions allow us to fly any time of day, or night.

Real time client monitor. Footage can be reviewed in real time by the director, for instant shot feedback.

In flight camera control as conditions change we can update camera settings without landing.

Programmable flight waypoints. Allow critical shots to be pre-defined and repeated.

Full edit capability. From basic cuts to full motion graphics and post production.

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Our Photography Capabilities

Ultra High Resolution 20 megapixel cameras capable of creating stills, up to A2 / 25″ x 17″ at full resolution.

Large sensor camera. Larger sensors mean better quality images, with less grain/noise.

Wide choice of lenses. Telephoto zooms or wide angle, we’re not constrained by a single lens..

RAW photo capture, for maximum colour accuracy and flexibility when retouching and editing images.

Photo retouching and editing using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Phase One Capture One.

360• panoramic images. Interactive photos or virtual tours capturing an entire area in a single shot.

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