SHORT VERSION. We're experienced, creative and safe aerial filmmakers.

Bakehouse Aerial are based in Kingston Upon Hull, in East Yorkshire. We work throughout the UK and are happy to travel. We work with businesses to create films and images that help to create compelling stories. We also work with other production companies, allowing them to offer aerial capabilities without the need to invest the thousands of pounds required to operate safely and legally in the UK.

If you've got an aerial project on the horizon we'd love to be involved - give us a call for a chat on 01482 420788.


Bakehouse Aerial is part of Bakehouse Studio, leading commercial filmmakers and photographers based in East Yorkshire.

Aerial Filming & Aerial Photography requires exactly the same skills as any other type of professional photography. At Bakehouse Aerial we have years of photography experience, we're highly trained and fully qualified.

We know what it takes to create compelling images, and we know how to capture them, regardless of environmental challenges!

Alongside our aerial filming and photography work we have extensive experience filming and editing productions for corporate clients, the hospitality sector and delivering to all kinds of visual briefs from agencies and partners.

Hiring us is legal.

We're qualified and legal operators, that means we're insured - keeping you and Bakehouse safe in the eyes of the law. You'll benefit immediately from this because we're better, safer pilots - able to concentrate on getting you the shot that you need. We're also members of ARPAS and the DroneSafe Register, underlining our commitment to safety and the development of our industry.

Commercial flying without a Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) from the Civil Aviation Authority is against the law. Bakehouse Aerial hold a current valid PfAW, you can ask to see ours for your peace of mind.

Holding a PfAW means that Cairn (the Bakehouse pilot) has passed a ground school exam, a flight exam, and that our helicam has been inspected and deemed safe for flight. We qualified via the EuroUSC BNUC-S route.

In order to take a flight assessment, or receive a PfAW we had to write a flight operations manual, every flight is logged, just like we were using a real helicopter. You can see our flight manual, risk assessments and method statements for yourself, just ask.

Taking these steps mean that we run an extremely safe operation, that we are fully insured and that we always return home safely, with the exact footage or images that our client requires. Our aerial filming services offer a great way to capture unique angles, or add motion to your next production. Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Full Service Film & Photography.

To complement our aerial work we also shoot on terra firma! We use Canon for stills photography, and shoot films on our Sony FS7 and FS5. This breadth of capability makes us a one stop shop for film and photography assignments. We can hand off unedited footage to production companies, or edit, colour and grade our own work. We also have a network of film and photography specialists that we can reach out to if anything unusual comes along!

Professional Equipment.

From the outset we decided that our aerial filming work needed to offer the same level of quality that our photography clients have come to expect...

  • Engaging, beautiful images and film footage
  • High resolution, high quality photography
  • Broadcast quality 1080HD and 4K video
  • Reliable and resilient equipment

A pro drone will carry a professional gimbal (the device that stabilises the camera), lower quality gimbals are responsible for the shaking and juddering that you often see on home made films. Flight times are longer, and flights are steadier - professional drone platforms help to ensure that we get the necessary shots, with the minimum of problems.

Photography from the air is exactly the same as photography from the ground, the only thing that matters about the final image is that it meets the client brief in terms of quality and content.

4K, Leica lenses, skilled two man team - it all adds up to quality output. It's as simple as that.