If you need airborne film in Immingham, Bakehouse Aerial can help you.

We are commercial photographers and cinematographers and have received authorisation through the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to work commercially. We operate top of the range components to help obtain beautiful images designed for a wide range of client projects.

Impressive equipment is absolutely nothing at all without expertise in composition & movement, and also the 'grammar' of film. Our broad photography experience makes us a fantastic choice for your current project, explore our portfolio to see the real difference.

Aerial footage can easily add serious production value to your project. Historically, the best way to benefit from aerial images was to make use of a helicopter - a cost which the majority small scale productions could not meet. Drones now allow us to acquire footage from 1m to 400ft in glorious HD or 4K, or 16mpx photos. As a two man crew we are able to put together complex camera movements, and provide superb cinematic video footage in Immingham, or indeed around the United Kingdom.

Below are a few of the advantages of collaborating with Bakehouse..

  • We are qualified, knowledgeable commercially aware film makers.
  • Comprehensively insured and compliant with UK laws and regulations.
  • Experience working together with PLCs and small production houses.
  • We know how to get the shot, on time and on budget.
  • Our Helicamera is designed to use two power supplies and has redundant motors. We are safer.
  • We're able to provide pictures that basic drones simply can't equal.