4 Things That You Need to Ask a Drone Pilot

Aerial photos and film footage have become a lot more affordable with the advent of drone technology, here are four things that you need to ask a drone imaging company before you consider hiring them.


Do you have a current permission for aerial work from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)?

Permissions are granted anually by the CAA. Without a current permission it is illegal to fly. Bakehouse Aerial's current permission is valid until 24 February 2016.


Do you have full CAA permissions in both weight categories, or are you only allowed to fly lightweight aircraft?

Both permissions allow a pilot to fly craft up to 20kg in weight, that means a greater level of flying skill, better cameras and therefore better film footage and pictures. Bakehouse Aerial is one of a small number of UK companies to hold a full permission. We can fly aircraft and cameras up to 20kg.


Do you have specific drone insurance?

Commercial insurance, or photographic insurance does not cover drone use. Any operator needs separate insurance from a specialist provider. We have £5m Public Liability insurance arranged via John Heath's Coverdrone.


Do you have permission to fly at night?

Most drone operators are not able to legally fly at night, the CAA state that drone operations can start up to 30 minutes before sunrise, and 30 minutes after sunset. If you need night time images, check that your pilot is legally allowed to fly. Bakehouse has CAA permission to fly at night.

Bakehouse Aerial provide aerial filming services in the UK, if you would like to find out how we can help, please get in touch.

Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom