Show off your golf course with stunning aerial photos.

The angle of approach

Many golf clubs use video marketing to attract new customers and raise their profile. Taken using anything from a golf cart to a GoPro and covering prized areas and secret hideaways alike, these promotional films are often missing a critical feature: aerial footage. Without this, your audience never really gets to see what you have to offer. All it takes is for another club to wow them with tee to green flyovers, and you’ve lost yourself a potential new member.

Got it? Flaunt it.

Think of the many features your golf course boasts, the things that make you unique. The first feature that comes to mind will no doubt be the expertly maintained rolling terrain, offering a professional, attractive and serene environment for your members to practice their game and compete in tournaments. Add to this your clubhouse, accommodation lodges, function venues, equipment shop and any other amenities, and you have yourself one incredible visual opportunity. If people can’t see what you have to offer they’ll never know it’s there. That's where drone golf course photography can help!

Broadcast quality images

Using specialist ‘helicam’ filming equipment mounted to our drone, we can shoot your environment from as high as 400 feet with total manoeuvrability and minimal noise. Offering either complete promotional videos or insert shots to be used with pre-existing footage, we can even work with your marketing team or external agency to create an amazing marketing resource that you can use time and time again.

Don’t neglect your brochure!

Aerial photography is just as useful as video to revitalise your promotional materials, which we’re confident will help you to gain the attention of new members and corporate sponsors. We will create a set of professional photographs that can easily be applied to printed materials, websites, social media, blog posts, advertising or even framed pictures on the club house wall.

Insured professional photographers

Any aerial filming or photography requires a specific permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. Bakehouse Aerial are fully insured, with CAA permission, skilled and ready to capture your magnificent facilities from the air. A far more versatile and affordable alternative to hiring a helicopter for the day, we’re also experts in photography and film production.

Designed specifically for you

In a single session, we can supply you with a wide range of online media that perfectly represents not only your land, but also your brand. We’re ready to design a tailored package and offer a quote to suit your budget, with legality, safety and quality as standard. Call Ben on 01482 420501 or get in touch through our contact form.

Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom