We use pro cameras, lenses and flight platforms.

Professional Aerial Photography

From the outset we decided that our aerial filming work needed to offer the same level of quality that our photography clients have come to expect...

  • Engaging, beautiful images and film footage
  • High resolution, high quality photography
  • Broadcast quality 1080HD and 4K video
  • Reliable and resilient equipment

What difference does a professional camera really make?

Photography from the air is exactly the same as photography from the ground, the only thing that matters about the final image is that it meets the client brief in terms of quality and content.

We rejected hobby cameras like the GoPro as they have tiny sensors, distorted images and lower quality lenses, this makes them unsuitable for commercial use.

The larger sensor of our pro Panasonic GH4 4K camera produces better pictures, with improved contrast and detail, and less digital noise. Our Olympus lens is considered best in class and achieves sharp images in lower light conditions. Pro camera = better picture quality. It's as simple as that.

Once footage is back on the ground the Panasonic GH4 allows for significantly more control in terms of colour correction and grading, that means our footage is easier to edit and looks better on screen, especially when matched alongside footage from other cameras.

What makes a professional drone worth it?

Larger flight platforms like our Vulcan Black Widow (silly name eh? We call her Millie!) offer several critical benefits, the most important being their ability to lift a professional camera (see above). They are also safer (when handled by professionals) because individual components are routinely checked and replaced as necessary. Finally, a pro drone will carry a professional gimbal (the device that stabilises the camera), lower quality gimbals are responsible for the shaking and juddering that you often see on home made films. 

professional aerial photography in yorkshire

Quick version

  • Panasonic GH4 + Olympus 12mm Zuiko lens produces a much better image than small "action" cameras like the GoPro.
  • Panasonic GH4 pictures and video allow more flexibility when editing, making post production work quicker and easier.


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Pro Hexcopter

  • Six and eight motor flight platforms allow us to lift our pro cameras safely and also helps in adverse weather conditions.
  • Camera is stabilised by a 3 axis gimbal - that means when the helicam moves around in the air the picture stays rock solid.

Ben O'Leary

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