We're experienced, professional filmmakers.

Professional skills, professional experience

professional east yorkshire aerial photographers

Bakehouse Aerial is part of Bakehouse Studio, a leading commercial photographers based in East Yorkshire.

Aerial Filming & Photography requires exactly the same skills as any other type of professional photography. At Bakehouse Aerial we have years of photography experience, we're highly trained and fully qualified.

We know what it takes to create compelling images, and we know how to capture them, regardless of environmental challenges!

Alongside our aerial filming and photography work we have extensive experience filming and editing productions for corporate clients, the hospitality sector and delivering to all kinds of visual briefs from agencies and partners.

Full Service Film & Photography

To complement our aerial work we also shoot on terra firma! We use Canon for stills photography, and shoot films on our Sony FS7 and Canon C100. This breadth of capability makes us a one stop shop for film and photography assignments. We can hand off unedited footage to production companies, or edit, colour and grade our own work. We also have a network of film and photography specialists that we can reach out to if anything unusual comes along!

Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom