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Filming for Channel 5

drone filming for television

Channel 5 recently aired an insightful documentary called The Great British Benefits Handout, which saw three unemployed families given £26,000 in cash in return for coming off benefits. What happened next was up to them, with the viewer following their journeys in the hope that the recipients plan well, apply themselves and really turn their lives around.

We were commissioned to provide aerial shots for the four-part series of 60-minute episodes. This involved long days of drone filming in our hometown of Hull and the striking city of Liverpool: places filled with incredible juxtapositions of investment and dereliction, no-nonsense trade and polished high street flair. As well as dramatic shots of numerous industrial, commercial and residential areas, we also provided specialist filming to really bring the cut-away shots to life.

Working on a Channel 5 show requires immense dedication to house styles, strict deadlines and collaboration with various members of the production team and crew. Meanwhile, we got to work with some lovely families and amazing media experts, resulting in a job that offered multiple types of benefits.

The series ran from February-March 2016 and can be viewed online until March 2017 at

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Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom