Aerial Imaging for Agriculture

A view from above

In the case of agriculture, aerial photography and filming offers high quality footage that can be used for major decision-making and forward planning. Aside from having a minimal physical and audible impact on its surroundings, the specialist ‘helicam’ filming equipment mounted to our drone offers a range of applications to farmers and rural landowners.

aerial photography for farmers

Unique benefits for landowners

Our footage can be used for terrain modelling, land audits and up-to-date crop checks that can't be matched by satellite imagery. This visual media is also very useful for PR, marketing and promotion, perfect for everything from press coverage and printed brochures to websites, social media and advertising.

Insured professional photographers

Any aerial filming or photography requires a specific permission from the Civil Aviation Authority. Bakehouse Aerial are fully insured with CAA permission, skilled and ready to capture your agricultural operations from as high as 400 feet. A far more versatile, manoeuvrable and affordable alternative to hiring a helicopter for the day, we’re also experts in photography and film production.

Aerial imagery, delivered how you need it

Whether you require panoramic views or close-up inspections, individual images or a high-resolution mosaic map, we’ll provide precisely what your business needs to run smoothly. A single day session can help to improve yield, prevent crop damage and allocate land usage, saving you time, money and effort in the long-term.

Bespoke agricultural aerial photography

In a single session, we can supply you with a wide range of online media that perfectly represents not only your land, but also your brand. We’re ready to design a tailored package and offer a quote to suit your budget, with legality, safety and quality as standard. Call Ben on 01482 420501 or get in touch through our contact form.

Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom