Aerial Filming at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. Chaaarrrgge!

I've seen Cairn dressed up in some weird medieval gear, so using our drone for aerial filming at the Royal Armouries in Leeds sounded like an excellent project to get our teeth in to (We refrained from dressing up in medieval reenactment gear though, as it's hard to use the controls when wearing gauntlets.)

We can work in congested areas.

We took advantage of our special permission that allows us to work in congested areas and worked through a range of amazing shots. This was achieved by sending up Bruce, our Inspire 1 capable of navigating around urban locations safely and with ease. It was a beautiful morning and an amazing place to film, offering clear 5am skies above a centre of activity that was only just beginning to wake up.

Aerial Footage plus a presenter = no problem.

As well as the main Royal Armouries building, Bakehouse Aerial worked in partnership with our friend Chris at Golden Media to gather stunning footage of Leeds New Dock Hall conference centre. The project had particularly in-depth risk assessments as we were working in close proximity to a presenter, and we're delighted to say that Cairn's expert piloting prevented them from breaking a sweat.

Here's Chris' final film, with our fab aerials...

We don't just do armouries (obviously), so if you need aerial photography and video that can be used in itself or turned into a larger product by Bakehouse Studio, get in touch on 01482 420788 or use our contact form.

P.S. We seriously recommend a visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, so check out their website and go head to head with history!

Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom