Aerial Filming for the City of Culture film

The original #HullYes video got everyone's attention, including the panel of judges who later decided that we would be the UK City of Culture for 2017. Created by the excellent Nova Studios, the video uses a range of shots that show just how beautiful Hull can be, but this was before Bakehouse Aerial were on the scene.

Earlier this year, we were approached by Nova to collaborate on the next City of Culture film, Hull 2017: The Seasons. Flying over the city's schools, parks, marina and the Humber itself, Bakehouse Aerial coordinated permissions with Hull City Council and private landowners to build a portfolio of stunning shots and film snippets that really are quite unique. Whilst some have been edited into the video below, others have been saved for future content, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nova Studio's excellent The Seasons video, with Bakehouse Aerial, er, Aerials!

This project truly is one of our most exciting, namely because Hull 2017 is absolutely awesome. With more than 1,500 events in just 365 days, activity will include ballet on the mudbanks, bards on a bomb site, divas in the dry dock, fly dancers on the tidal barrier, and a host of acts that blend Hull’s distinctive character, culture and creativity with world-class performance. Wherever you live, be it the centre of HU1 or on the other side of the planet, make sure to be part of Hull City of Culture.

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Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom