Old School, New Technology


We recently supplied aerial filming to Pocklington School. An independent institution providing day and boarding education to children and young people aged 4-18, we were amazed by the range of environments on campus, from the Tom Stoppard Theatre to the cricket pavilion and rugby pitches. After a walk around the historic grounds (the school itself was founded way back in 1514 and the last few decades have seen major developments), we took to the bright Yorkshire skies to capture footage from above. 


Due to the location of Pocklington School, which is surrounded by the market town on one side and wide green spaces on the other, our drone was treated to a combination of ivy-covered brickwork, perfectly mown lawns and beautiful Georgian doorways. The result was a range of shots that are ideal for the school's PR coverage, website, digital media, prospectuses and wall graphics: an excellent long-term return on investment.


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And yes, we wish that we had a chance to get school dinner whilst we were there, mint custard and chocolate crunch cake!

Ben O'Leary

Bakehouse Studio Ltd, Hull, HU5 3DT, United Kingdom