Filming the people that feed the people


We work with multiple clients across Yorkshire to capture agriculture from above. This project was for a farm in Pocklington to show the scale of operations, as well as the skill, patience and dedication that goes into preparing land for growing the food that we take for granted. Visiting farms is always a pleasure, as getting a glimpse into the process is absolutely fascinating. The people we meet are honest, tireless folk with a work ethic that would burn out the best of us, yet they keep going until the job's done because their mission is to feed households across the UK. 


This aerial video keeps the viewer interested in what is actually a very repetitive job by layering strategic shots, focusing on visual details and expertly directing movement to achieve a smooth, transitional journey across the field. What the farmer considers commonplace, we see as beautiful curving patterns in the soil, which are then replaced by geometric perfection.


Every business has details that may go unnoticed by staff, yet which the outside viewer will find interesting and insightful. We're here to find these details and present them from a whole new angle, helping you to promote your brand in a way that's as much an art form as it is an advert.

Whether you work with tractors or protractors, get in touch on 01482 420788 or use our contact form and book an aerial photography and drone filming package today.

Old School, New Technology


We recently supplied aerial filming to Pocklington School. An independent institution providing day and boarding education to children and young people aged 4-18, we were amazed by the range of environments on campus, from the Tom Stoppard Theatre to the cricket pavilion and rugby pitches. After a walk around the historic grounds (the school itself was founded way back in 1514 and the last few decades have seen major developments), we took to the bright Yorkshire skies to capture footage from above. 


Due to the location of Pocklington School, which is surrounded by the market town on one side and wide green spaces on the other, our drone was treated to a combination of ivy-covered brickwork, perfectly mown lawns and beautiful Georgian doorways. The result was a range of shots that are ideal for the school's PR coverage, website, digital media, prospectuses and wall graphics: an excellent long-term return on investment.


Bakehouse Aerial works with a huge range of clients, from the energy industry to the retail sector and farms to museums. High quality aerial photography and drone filming caught by technical specialists with an artist's eye can reinvigorate your branding, so get in touch on 01482 420788 or use our contact form

And yes, we wish that we had a chance to get school dinner whilst we were there, mint custard and chocolate crunch cake!

Aerial Filming at The Royal Armouries in Leeds. Chaaarrrgge!

I've seen Cairn dressed up in some weird medieval gear, so using our drone for aerial filming at the Royal Armouries in Leeds sounded like an excellent project to get our teeth in to (We refrained from dressing up in medieval reenactment gear though, as it's hard to use the controls when wearing gauntlets.)

We can work in congested areas.

We took advantage of our special permission that allows us to work in congested areas and worked through a range of amazing shots. This was achieved by sending up Bruce, our Inspire 1 capable of navigating around urban locations safely and with ease. It was a beautiful morning and an amazing place to film, offering clear 5am skies above a centre of activity that was only just beginning to wake up.

Aerial Footage plus a presenter = no problem.

As well as the main Royal Armouries building, Bakehouse Aerial worked in partnership with our friend Chris at Golden Media to gather stunning footage of Leeds New Dock Hall conference centre. The project had particularly in-depth risk assessments as we were working in close proximity to a presenter, and we're delighted to say that Cairn's expert piloting prevented them from breaking a sweat.

Here's Chris' final film, with our fab aerials...

We don't just do armouries (obviously), so if you need aerial photography and video that can be used in itself or turned into a larger product by Bakehouse Studio, get in touch on 01482 420788 or use our contact form.

P.S. We seriously recommend a visit to the Royal Armouries in Leeds, so check out their website and go head to head with history!

Aerial Film & Photography for Eagle Electrical

When it comes to solar panel systems, the best way to show the quality of workmanship is to do so from high above.

We were hired by Eagle Electrical to capture aerial images of their sustainable energy installations, a job that included beautiful views of rolling Lincolnshire countryside on a perfect day for flying. 

aerial photograph of a solar installation taken with a drone

These shots were combined with commercial photography of the team at work, all of which are being used for digital marketing on the client's website and social media channels. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular with businesses, farms, public buildings and private households across the UK, helping premises and homes to lower their carbon footprint whilst delivering a sound return on investment over the years.

Eagle Electrical appreciate the importance of high quality photography, taken by technical professionals that approach their work with artistic direction. The result is a series of striking and informative images that are ideal for asset-led marketing and effective digital engagement, paying for themselves in no time at all.

Benefits of Video for Promoting Your Brand

Do you know what happens every time someone begins to explain something to me?

I stop them and say "show me" - it sinks in better that way. It turns out that about two thirds of the population are the same: we're visual learners.

That means 65% of your target market would benefit from SEEING your product or service in action. That's why you need to use video to promote your brand or company. At Bakehouse we provide aerial filming services which can elevate (see what I did there?) the production value of your video and increase the likelihood of people sharing and engaging with your content.

One thing, like 2Pac said, "keep it real" - no cheese, no gimmicks - just authentic, well produced short videos! Easy eh?

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Benefits of video to promote your brand

Aerial Photography at Goole docks.

This job required a morning start so early that there weren't any birds in the sky, the idle layabouts!

Working at Goole docks for Fast Shipping (part of the FastHerco Group), we caught the rare event of both boats docking together and captured some excellent aerial photography. Set against their working environment, these unique shots will be used for Fast Shipping's marketing and PR, visually communicating their standing as a highly professional and efficient delivery company.

Flying over an active port is a fascinating and valuable experience, as incredibly strict health and safety regulations must be followed at all times alongside our own adherence to the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you need aerial footage of your shipping company, or indeed any kind of haulage vehicle, get in touch on 01482 420788 or use our online contact form.

Fast Shipping Recommendation for Bakehouse Aerial

Aerial Filming from Bakehouse Aerial

The use and availability of drones in the UK is soaring, aerial footage for TV and film has never been within the reach of so many productions.

Like any creative field, there's a tonne of variation in the skill and capability of aerial filming companies.

We like to think that we're one of the best options for the Film & TV industry. When you're ready to get in touch, head over to our aerial filming page. Here's an infographic to tell you a little more...

drone filming infographic

Bakehouse Aerial are based in East Yorkshire, but provide aerial filming and drone cinematography across the UK. We're always happy to discuss your project, no strings, no pressure.

Aerial filming at Ferrybridge Power Station

Our recent aerial filming project at Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire saw us working amongst cooling towers, coal heaps and heavy plant machinery.

This job was highly technical, requiring extensive risk assessments and method statements, which we already had experience in supplying for the power sector.

Filming took place on a very windy day but, thanks to expert flying from Cairn, we gathered some brilliant footage without causing a meltdown. Phew.

Ferrybridge power station filmed by a drone

This footage will later be used in a TV documentary about energy, so it was essential that every moment be used efficiently. With the power industry rapidly evolving, sustainable solutions on the rise and high-profile activity in Yorkshire such as the Green Port Hull collaboration, we believe that drone imagery is a crucial tool for the energy sector. Plus we get to wear hard hats, which is always a bonus.

Bakehouse Aerial drone photography in an industrial area

Bakehouse Aerial filming services can be used for inspection, safety checks, planning, marketing and PR. If you need to view your site from above without having to hire a helicopter or Superman, give us a call on 01482 420788 or use our contact form.

Aerial Filming for the City of Culture film

The original #HullYes video got everyone's attention, including the panel of judges who later decided that we would be the UK City of Culture for 2017. Created by the excellent Nova Studios, the video uses a range of shots that show just how beautiful Hull can be, but this was before Bakehouse Aerial were on the scene.

Earlier this year, we were approached by Nova to collaborate on the next City of Culture film, Hull 2017: The Seasons. Flying over the city's schools, parks, marina and the Humber itself, Bakehouse Aerial coordinated permissions with Hull City Council and private landowners to build a portfolio of stunning shots and film snippets that really are quite unique. Whilst some have been edited into the video below, others have been saved for future content, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nova Studio's excellent The Seasons video, with Bakehouse Aerial, er, Aerials!

This project truly is one of our most exciting, namely because Hull 2017 is absolutely awesome. With more than 1,500 events in just 365 days, activity will include ballet on the mudbanks, bards on a bomb site, divas in the dry dock, fly dancers on the tidal barrier, and a host of acts that blend Hull’s distinctive character, culture and creativity with world-class performance. Wherever you live, be it the centre of HU1 or on the other side of the planet, make sure to be part of Hull City of Culture.

Need stunning aerial filming? Get in touch with Ben on 01482 420788 or use our contact form and together we'll capture your business from above.

Hiring an Aerial Photographer?

Check out this slidedeck for some pointers on hiring a drone photographer.

Any professional company should be able to offer sensible answers to these questions (we can, for our aerial photography services). If they can't then shop around until you find the right team. Just because it's new technology does not mean you have to compromise on image quality or safety!

3 Aerial Filming Safety Essentials

Drone filming and photography allows amazing aerial images to be captured. As with any type of flight safety is really important. Professional operators can take a number of steps to make their operation safer. Here's what to check.

Is there an option to fly with dual power supplies?

Drones are powered by battery, a single battery is a single point of failure - its safer to use a drone powered by twin batteries with separate connections to the main control unit. We use in-house, custom built drones. We’ve engineered them from the ground up to utilise dual power feeds for safety.

Can they offer flight platforms with a minimum of six motors.

Flying with six or eight motors will allow a safe landing, even if a motor fails. Hex & Octacopters have a big advantage over Quadcopters here. This article discusses battery and motor safety in more detail. We fly two custom drones, our lightweight rig has 6 motors and our heavy lifter has 8. These choices give us safety and reliability. Every type of drone has a purpose, for example we use a quadcopter for most of our work over water and indoors; it's a case of having the right options available for each job.

He adds that operators should use UAVs with more rotor blades to provide redundancy, such as a “hexacopter” six-rotor system, rather than a quadcopter that will fall if one of the four rotor blades fails.
— Justin Pringle, industry commentator at Heliguy


Ensure the operator conducts regular safety audits.

Every drone operator must keep a detailed operations manual, this should include details of all safety procedures and maintenance schedules. Like any machine drones need routine servicing, fortunately the Bakehouse pilot is a qualified Electronic Engineer!

Check to see if the drone is serviceable or a 'sealed unit'.

An important part of our servicing routine is visual inspection of critical components and connections, consumer drones tend to be sold as sealed units, making such inspection difficult. It helps if one of the team is from a technical background.