If you're searching for aerial filming in Beverley, Bakehouse Aerial are able to assist you.

We're commercial photographers and videographers and have obtained authorisation via the CAA to work commercially. We make use of top of the range systems to help shoot beautiful pictures designed for a wide variety of your projects.

Great equipment is nothing without skills in composition & movement, together with the 'language' of video. Our extensive digital photography knowledge helps to make us a great choice for your company's project, visit our portfolio to see the real difference.

Airborne images can easily add enormous production value to your film. Historically, the only way to obtain airborne video would be to make use of a helicopter - a cost that most small-scale productions could not meet. Drones now make it easier for our company to record images from 1m to 120m in dramatic HD and / or 4K, or 16mpx photos. As a 2 man team we can put together complex camera moves, and deliver superb cinematic footage in Beverley, or indeed around the UK.

Here are a few of the benefits of hiring Bakehouse..

  • We are qualified, knowledgeable commercially aware film makers.
  • 100% insured and up to date with laws and regulations.
  • Practical experience working together with PLCs and independent production companies.
  • We know how to get the shot, on time and on budget.
  • Our Helicamera is built to use twin power supplies and has redundant motors. We are safer.
  • We can easily produce footage that basic drones just can't equal.