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Aerial Film and Photography Surveys and Inspection

Bakehouse Aerial use remotely piloted aerial cameras to offer survey and inspection for industrial and agricultural clients. Ultra high definition video and high resolution stills offer rapid remote survey capabilities avoiding the need for shut-down and maintenance crews for every project. Bakehouse Aerial Surveys can alert you to potential issues, allowing you to focus maintenance operations more efficiently.

  • High detail: 4K, HD and 16mpx stills.
  • Live video feed to base station: client can direct and see real time feedback.
  • Survey remote, inaccessible locations: quick and safe.
  • Huge area of operation: Travel up to 500m line of site and 120m above ground level.
  • Lightweight equipment: Rapid deployment, can be airborne within 20 minutes of arrival.
  • GPS or manual control: Flights can be GPS controlled direct to pre-set long/lat locations.
  • Safe & Qualified: Pilots qualified to BNUC-S standard, fully insured, full permission from CAA.