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Creative vision. Drone piloting expertise

The perfect mix of film-making talent and technical ability


Getting a drone in the air is one thing. But it takes more than that to shoot perfect aerial footage.

You need to know the right equipment to use. Where to point the camera. How to frame the shot. 

And that’s why we’re different. We put creativity first. Our team understands the building blocks of film and TV production and this reflects in the footage we shoot. Beautiful images that help you tell your story. 

We back this up with extensive technical knowledge and skills. Qualified and insured pilots with operating licenses authorised the Civil Aviation Authority. And with full night time flight permission we can film 24/7 to fully deliver your creative vision. 

Tech head? Click below for the low-down on our capabilities as filmmakers and drone pilots.


Your creative team

 Ben is a drone camera operator
 cairn is a qualified drone pilot

Ben - Aerial Cinematographer, Owner

Ben is our eye in the sky. He’s a BA (Hons) qualified photographer and uses his creative vision to control the camera movement, positioning, and set-up for all our aerial work. Putting a camera in the air isn't enough to guarantee stunning footage. And that’s why Ben makes sure that we make sound aesthetic decisions so the final footage always meets the brief.

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