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Professional drone filming for TV, agencies & business

We’re drone operators with an extensive background in creative filming and photography. We’re also expert pilots & camera operators. We use our experience to collaborate with your creative teams to deliver the perfect aerial film. For your TV show, your client project, or your corporate video.


Expert drone filming. Whatever Your project

The best set-up. The perfect shot. The right message. At Bakehouse Aerial, we’re obsessed by working with you to capture that moment. Professional drone filming that leaves your viewer breathless. That realises your vision. And that tells the story you want to tell. Your imagination. Elevated...


TV production companies

TV production expertise...

We’ve got extensive experience working with TV production companies. On set and on location. We’re masters of tight shooting schedules and delivering your demanding daily shot lists.

Expert aerial cinematography
for your next TV project


Your creative partner...

We love to collaborate. We partner with creative agencies to deliver your client projects. As part of your team or as a trusted supplier we create aerial footage that smashes your brief and delights your client.

Collaborate with the aerial
filming specialists

Business & Corporate video

Video - the right medium...

Video makes people care and connects you with buyers. Propel your video (and your message) ahead of the competition with cutting edge filming, production and editing of your corporate video.

Deliver your message effectively
and on budget

Why aerial filming with drones. And why us…?

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We can film anywhere. Outdoors. Indoors. Outdoors to indoors...  From centimetres off the ground to 400 feet in the air with continuous takes and ZERO camera wobble.

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Our creative vision and state of the art technology allow us to offer superb production value. Use our 4k and UHD cameras at normal speed, or up to 4x slow motion. Day. Night. We create beautiful, memorable aerial footage.

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We can be on-site and up and running within five minutes. We can achieve amazing results and meet the tightest of filming schedules with a small, versatile crew of experts.

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No more helicopters. No more complicated jibs and dolly tracks. Just expert aerial filming to suit any project and budget. With full editing and production of your video if you need it (or your beautiful rushes if you don’t).


Sound interesting? Let’s have a chat
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